Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I got my bracelet


Ok, so I got "The Bracelet" -- I initially put it on my left wrist (I have my watch on my right wrist). I moved it to my right wrist when I said "ouch" after bumping into something, and back to my left, I don't even remember why (I think it was something I said under my breath -- a complaint that I stopped in the middle).

I like "The Bracelet" -- first of all, it's my favorite color (purple) and secondly, it makes me very aware of what I'm saying. Now, mind you, I was aware of it before, but even with the awareness I had before, I have more of an awareness (and before I put on the bracelet, I wasn't penalizing myself for complaining, not that I consider moving it a penalty).

I still have to figure out how to ask for things or mention things that need to change without complaining (complaining without complaining????). But that, I suppose will come with time.

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