Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still defining "complaint"


Even though I made it through Saturday without complaining (according to my own definition ;-), I haven't made it through another day since then. It's been one or two complaints every day. I think the time that's hardest is when I'm talking to someone else who is complaining about something. I do manage to get through some kvetch conversations without complaining myself, so I guess it'll come at some point.

I haven't quite finished reading "the book" yet. I read a bit more of it last night (I had finished most of it but was up to the penultimate chapter which contains stories of people who have finished 21 days without a complaint (or graduates????). I was at a pre-Passover boutique selling some of my artwork and jewelry and read some more during "light" (aka non-busy) times.

There do seem to be some more guidelines as to what constitutes complaining. I'm still figuring it all out -- stay tuned for more....

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